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Disclaimer:- The predictions on astrology / vastu/ fengshui etc., are based on the knowledge & experience of the Astrologer & Vastu Consultant in this field. The opinion of other astrologer/vastu/fengshui expert may differ. Remedies suggested by us are based on clients birth chart, house/shop map etc & remedies suggested their after like gemstones, mantras, yantras, fengshui items, vastu items, rituals etc., depending on individual chart. It must be clearly understood that every such remedies is accompanied by a prescribed method and procedure, which is expected to be followed by the clients. Our consultancy makes no warranty or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the astro/vastu/fengshui remedies & cannot be responsible for any interpretation or use that may be made of it. We are not responsible for direct or indirect claims for any negative functioning of any prescribed remedies made by us in the eyes of law.
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*Accuracy in ASTROLOGICAL predictions is the key of Astrology. Astrologer can specify by reading  & analyzing of individual's horoscope that What & When things will happen in individual's life like their Job, Business, Marriage, Compatibility with Life / Business Partner & Health etc. If your planets are not favorable & you will face problems in business, family, career, marriage, relationship & health etc. Then you must  Consult Us immediately, to know why it is happening with you & get Astrological Vedic remedies like wearing  of your lucky Gem Stone, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra etc., for various problems. Now you can get accurate predictions from RITU BALA -  Online Astrologer & get analysis of  your horoscope for Astrology Solutions.
*VASTU is an ancient science based on principals of maintaining balance of five elements of nature viz. air, water, fire, earth & space in the proper directions to bring peace, harmony, health & wealth in your house & business. If things are not placed properly on 8 directions then it may cause ill-effect on the business & family that may lead to problems in business, health, wealth, prosperity, name & fame etc. Therefore every one should consult a Vastu Consultant, before buying any Flat, making House or Commercial Property viz, industry, hotel, hospitals, shops, showrooms, complexes etc. But in case you are already residing in a constructed house & facing problems, it may be due to Vastu Defects, which can be rectified without demolition  by  following SEVERAL VASTU & FENGSHUI REMEDIES for balancing positive & negative energies.
Importance of Astrology/Vastu
By Ritu Bala, Online Astrologer
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An Ancient Science :-
    The Ancient Vedas which are said to be the oldest religious literature available has references to this science."Jyothisha or Astrology" is one of the limbs of  the "Vedas" which date back to 1500 B.C.. Hindus were the original masters who had the thorough knowledge of astronomy and many rituals and religious rites were related to the position of planets and their motions. Astrology is a study of movement of Stars and Planets that have their influence on human lives.The influence of the SUN, MOON and other Planets at the time of birth of individual is said to shape its future, viz- personality, financial position, education, career, romance, marital relationships, luck, and children etc. Usually people refer Astrology as 12 zodiac signs, which are mostly based on Sun-Signs in astrology.
The sun sign is based on Individuals characteristic but moon sign determine individuals emotion, passion & instinct etc, so in Indian Vedic Astrology the predictions are based on Moon sign. Sun sign, which is based on a fixed period of time of nearly one month, where as in moon sign, moon moves 13-15 degrees every day and remains in one sign only for 2 and ¼ days, so the characteristics of individual changes with the quick movement of moon, just like our emotions.
As we know that during full moon tidal changes occur in the sea, which is due to the influence of moon, similarly moon influences the life of an individual. In order to calculate your moon sign, an astrologer needs to know the day, month, time & year as well as your place of birth for making predictions, as these predictions are more accurate than the sun signs.
Also we know that the Astrology is the study of group of stars known as Nakshatra or constellations, which increases understanding by considering planetary forces, signs & its positions etc. There are 27 nakshatras. Astrology contains a great deal of knowledge regarding zodiac movements and its effects on people. Astrology is an approved science and its procedures have been scientifically examined and proved.
             1. ARIES - rules the head, face (except nose) and the brain. It also rules the Sub renal glands, which pump adrenalin to the system.
             2. TAURUS - rules the neck, throat, tonsils, larynx, carotid arteries and jugular vein and also the thyroid gland.
             3. GEMINI - rules the shoulder, arms, fingers, lungs, upper ribs.
             4. CANCER - rules the stomach, breasts, diaphragm, alimentary canal, lymph system & the Mammary glands.
             5. LEO - rules the heart, upper back, spine, spleen and the aorta.
             6. VIRGO - rules the large and small intestines and the pancreas.
             7. LIBRA - rules the kidneys.
             8. SCORPIO - rules the nose, the blood, genitals, rectum, descending colon, urethra. It also rules the bodily outlets and procreative processes.
             9. SAGITTARIUS - rules the hips, thighs, liver, femur bone, veins, sacral region, and the sciatic nerve.
            10. CAPRICORN - rules the teeth, bones, kneecaps, skin, hair, nails and cell walls.
            11. AQUARIUS - rules the lower legs and ankles, varicose veins and circulatory system.
            12. PISCES - rules the feet and the toes. It also rules the entire body system relating to “leaks” and the draining of fluids.
The Astrologer needs to be highly talented, intuitive and should have a good moral living and God fearing attitude. In the past “Varaha Mihira”, the greatest astrologer, who predicted all the events with exact dates and time.
The human body is made of about 80% water or fluid filled. The Planet Moon has the greatest power on mind as moon governs our mind. It is said in Vedas '' Chandramaa manaso jaatah”, i.e. Moon affects mind. You can observe the Ocean water level rise up on Full Moon and New moon days. Similarly all planets exert their power or vibration touch on human body. Similarly we see that on full moon day people get insane due to effect of moon on full moon day. Most of the crimes are committed during the full moon day as survey and research has been done in US as stated below :-
   “At the University of Miami, psychologist Arnold Lieber and his colleagues decided to test the old belief of full-moon “lunacy” which most scientists had written off as an old wives’ tale. . When they matched the incidence of homicide with the phases of the moon, they found, much to their surprise, that the two rose and fell together, almost infallibly, for the entire 15 years! As the full or the new moon approached, the murder rate rose sharply; it distinctly declined during the first and last quarters of the moon.
In the Horoscope there are 12 houses and Astrologers study all the planets & their positions correctly and also the aspects of the planet on other planets, depending upon their position in the birth chart only then they arrive at the correct decision or interpretation of any horoscope.
Our bodies are not exempt from the effect of gravity and our brain which answer to our systems, are also not exempt from the effect of these forces. Our level of intelligence and those of others around us are all affected by these forces and our actions depend on the condition of our body and mind. Our life is determined by what we do and what others do around us, under the influence of the combined forces of the planets and stars around our earth.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    Thus we call “Astrology as a perfect Science”.
ABOUT ZODIAC : - Zodiac literally means "Circle of Life" and we see that zodiac signs are either animals or people. As the Zodiac is a thin band of sky on both side of the "Ecliptic", which appears as a trace on the outer large circle in the sky. If we see the motion of the sun against stars for a year, we will find the "Ecliptic"
The zodiac signs are divided into 12 signs, each being 30 degrees long. Zodiac signs begin with Aries at the spot of beginning of ecliptic, where the Sun is on the first day of spring. The degree of zodiac signs is meant for block of space in the sky and not the time. People often get confused between Sun Signs & zodiac signs. If any person is of Aries, It means that the person born at that time of the year, when the sun is in the beginning of ecliptic i.e. on zodiac sign of Aries. As our calendar is designed to show the mimic motions of the Sun around the zodiac. Usually Sun is in the Aries, in the same time period every year. Hence the other 12 zodiac sun signs are like months of a calendar based on the zodiac.
However in Indian Astrology, the zodiac signs are studied according to movement of Moon, which spends about 2-1/2 in each sign, which affects the mind & bring the changes in behavior of the individual. The motion of the other planets is also irregular as Compare to Sun e.g., Pluto takes about 12-24 year in each sign.
Rashi                        Rashi or Lagna        Lord            Lucky Gems  
Aries                                 (Mesh)                      Mars           Coral    
Taurus                              (Vrashabh)               Venus          Diamond, W.Sapphire    
Gemini                              (Mithun)                   Mercury       Emerald    
Cancer                              (Kark)                       Moon           Pearl    
Leo                                   (Singh)                     Sun              Ruby    
Virgo                                 (Kanya)                    Mercury        Emerald    
Libra                                 (Tula)                        Venus          Diamond, W.Sapphire    
Scorpio                             (Vrashchik)                Mars            Coral    
Sagittarus                         (Dhanu)                    Jupiter          Yellow Sapphire    
Capricorn                         (Makar)                     Saturn           Sapphire    
Aquarius                          (Kumbha)                  Saturn           Sapphire    
Pisces                              (Meen)                      Jupiter           Yellow Sapphire    
For the Aries (Mesha) Ascendant, Mars (Mangal) is lord of the Ascendant or Lagna. The person with this ascendant should wear a Coral all his life. Red Coral will give good health, longevity, courage, name, fame and happiness. It will neutralize the evil effects of Mars if it is ill disposed or is afflicted in any way.
For the Taurus (Vrishab) Ascendant (lagna), Mars is the lord of 7th and 12th houses. In this case, native of this Ascendant should avoid wearing a Coral. However, if Mars is in his own sign in 7th or 12th house Coral may be worn, in the major period of Mars.
For the Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant (Lagna), Mars is the lord of the 6th and 11th houses. In this case, Mars will not be considered an auspicious planet. Therefore, natives of this ascendant are advised to avoid wearing the coral. However, Red Coral may be used if Mars is in his own sign or in the 6th or 11th in the Major period of Mars.
For the Cancer (Karka) Ascendant (Lagna) Mars being lord of the 5th house which is a trine or Trikona and 10th house quadrant or Kendra is a very auspicious (yoga Karaka) planet. If natives of cancer Ascendant always wear it, they will be blessed with children, intelligence, good fortune, name, fame honors and success in their professional career. If Red Coral is worn with Pearl - the gemstone of the lord of Cancer ascendant results will prove more beneficial. The beneficial results will be more pronounced in the major period of Mars.
For the Leo (Simha) Ascendant also Mars being lord of the 4th quadrant (Kendra) and 9th house - a trine or trikona is very favorable and auspicious planet (yoga Karaka) and wearing of Red Coral will give same beneficial results as in the case of Cancer Ascendant. Apart from these results the native will have or acquire lands and property and he or she will have good fortune, will become virtuous, his or her father will enjoy long life. If the Mars is posited in his own sign in the 4th or 9th the beneficial results will become more pronounced. Wearing of a Ruby - the gemstone of the lord of this Ascendant along with Red Coral will accelerate the beneficial results.
For the Virgo (Kanya) Ascendant (lagna) Mars is lord of the 3rd and 8th house and is a malefic for this Ascendant. Wearing of Red Coral by the natives of this ascendant should be avoided as far as possible. However, if absolutely necessary, Red Coral may be used in the major period of Mars if Mars is in his own sign in the 3rd of the 8th house.
For the Libra (Tula) Ascendant (Lagna) Mars is the lord of two Maraka (death inflicting houses) houses namely the 2nd and the 7th house. Moreover, Mars is an enemy of Venus, the lord of this Ascendant. Wearing a Red Coral by the natives of this ascendant should be generally avoided. The second house being the house of wealth, therefore, if Mars is in his own sign in the 2nd, Red Coral can be worn with good results during the Major period of Mars. As far as the 7th house is concerned if Mars is there in his sign, this disposition will give rise to a powerful Panchamahapurusha yoga known as Ruchaka yoga which will provide the native with a strong physique ruddy complexion, attractive body, charitable disposition, wealthy, long-lived and leader of an army".
For the Scorpio (Vrischika) Ascendant (Lagna), Mars is lord of the Ascendant (and of the 6th). Nevertheless, his lordship of the Ascendant will prevail over the lordship of the sixth house. The Red Coral will be beneficial to the native in the same manner as for the Aries Ascendant.
For the Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ascendant (Lagna), Mars is the lord of the 5th and 12th houses. The auspicious lordship of the 5th trine or Trikona will supercede or prevail over the lordship of the 8th hose and by wearing Red Coral, the natives of this ascendant will be blessed with children, good fortune, name and fame, particularly if Mars is in his own sign in the 5th house or bhava.
For the Capricorn or Makara Ascendant, Mars is lord of the 4th and 11th houses. Wearing of Red Coral in the major period of Mars will provide native with land; property and conveyances. He or she will get domestic harmony, happiness from mother and gains of wealth.
For Aquarius or Kumbha Ascendant, Mars will be the lord of the 3rd and 10th houses. Wearing of Red Coral in the major period of Mars will be useful for promotion and success in the professional field. If, however, Mars is in his own sign in the 10th house, this disposition will give rise to Ruchaka yoga and the native can wear a Red Coral with advantage whenever necessary.
For Pisces or Meena Ascendant Mars is lord of the 2nd house which is the house of wealth and 9th the house of fortune. Mars is, therefore, a very auspicious planet for this Ascendant and wearing of Coral will bring great success in the life of the native. Red Coral is necessary for them if Mars is ill disposed or in any way afflicted in their birth chart. Wearing of Red Coral with Yellow Sapphire will prove very beneficial.
Sign    Date                            Quote                            Health                                Characteristics
Aries   March,21 to April,19    'I AM'                             Head
Face    Dynamic, Impulsive, Enthusiastic, Honest Passionate, Independent, Self-Centered, Blunt
May,20    'I HAVE'    Neck, Throat, Cervical Vertebrae    Practical, Patient, Sensual, Reliable, Calm, Stubborn, Possessive, Persistent,
June,20    'I THINK'    Hands, Arms, Lungs, Nervous System    Communicative, Intellectual, Rational, Nervous, Versatile, Sociable, Sarcastic, Restless, Inconsistent
July,22    'I FEEL'    Breasts, Stomach, Digestive System    Caring, Motherly, Moody, Emotional, Protective, Imaginative, Intuitive, Possessive, Dependent, Clingy
August,22    'I WILL'    Heart, Back, Spinal
Cord    Dramatic, Proud, Playful, Generous, Dignified, Self-Assured, Sincere, Arrogant, Domineering
Sept.,22    'I ANALYZE'    Intestines, Abdomen, Female Reproductive System    Modest, Analytical, Perfectionist, Observant, Precise
Oct.,22    'I BALANCE'    Lower Back, Diaphragm    Social, Diplomatic, Indecisive, Charming, Artistic, Romantic, Cooperative, Insincere, Harmonious
Nov.,21    'I DESIRE'    Sexual Organs, Rectum, Reproductive System    Intense, Secretive, Compulsive, Vindictive, Healer, Subtle, Imaginative, Controlling, Jealous, Deep
Dec., 21    'I PERCEIVE'    Hips, Thighs, Liver    Optimistic, Philosopher, Adventurous, Confident, Tactless, Restless, Boastful, Traveler, Wanderer
Jan.,19    'I USE'    Knees, Skin, Bones    Ambitious, Responsible, Rigid, Serious, Structured, Hardworking, Achiever, Conventional, Pessimistic
Feb.,18    'I KNOW'    Ankles, Shins, Circulatory System    Impersonal, Rebellious, Humanitarian, Independent, Rational, Original, Unique, Eccentric, Detached
March,20    'I BELIEVE'    Feet, Lymphatic System    Idealistic, Spiritual, Emotional, Compassionate, Escapist, Receptive, Self-Sacrificing, Imaginative
   "Ritu Bala Mam, she is like my elder sister, I have great faith in her predictions. I was going through major up & downs in my life, when her predictions restored my faith back in myself. She is very good, and has a kind heart. She always has helped me out in all circumstances and has given me the positive hope. I feel my life changed after her predictions and the solutions she had suggested me. She is overall a blessing in my life by grace of god. Whenever I am in any hard situation where I lose hope, and get disappointed, she is the one always who comes a light in darkness and makes me feel lightened and full of optimism again. If one needs positive insight they should surely contact her with full faith. LOL Ritu di, Ina." March 2, 2010 (Delhi-India)
                I never believed when you predicted Madam that I will be moving  with my battalion to a peaceful place soon from Laddakh during kargil war as I came wilfully on posting during the war time. But I was really surprised when I was ordered to move with my battalion to safeguard srinagar airport from Leh and within 2 days whole battlion landed Jammu instead of Kashmir by plane as the plane could not land there due to bad weather & then finally got orders to stay back at Jammu. It was really surprising for me when war was in full swing and all Bns were moving towards Laddakh & my Bn moved to Jammu as u said. Since then I believe in your predictions & always consult you on all matters. Col.Prakash, India  June, 1999
               I feel truly honoured to be a part of your circle of friends. You are a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. Keep on teaching us with plenty more of your informative & insightful astrology lessons...*Smile* Sassy, US Fri Jul 27, 2007
                I am surprised that how accurate your predictions are madam. When I lost my Laptop with my passport, money & other important papers I consulted you even though I never believe in Astrology or any occult science. But as my friend suggested me to consult you to know that I will get my things back or not. You told me that I will get it but after 3 days and I was surprised that a man came to me at my residence and gave my lost bag with all the things in it. Now I have developed faith in Astrology due to you madam. Dr. Rishi, Ohio, Canada 12th July,2007
   Ritu, You are just like my elder sister as I can't forget your help you have extended to me in my life. Your predictions about me have gone true and I appriciate your predictions about me which has all gone true in my life. Neet- Baroda (India)-Mon Jul 16, 2007
   Ritu Bala is an embodiment of wisdom, happiness, peace, love and spiritual as well as astrological insights. Clement Aigbogun, Fire Safety & Technical Officer, Nigeria-Mon Jul 16, 2007.
   I am glad to have Ritu as a good friend, hope we can get to know each other more. Thank! For adding me to your friend list there, you are a good friend, VERMA B (USA) Mon- Jul 16, 2007.
   We followed this lady's posts when redecorating our TV room and it is now both enjoyable and restful a difficult combination considering we watch the news there. Thanks Ritu! Buccaneer Bill (University Of Florida) Sun Aug 26, 2007
   I see by your blogs that I have some things to change within/outside of my house. Thank you for sharing your knowledge....I am enjoying learning your practice. LISA (US) Saturday April 28, 2007 - 07:55pm (EDT)
    I feel truly honoured to be apart of your circle of friends Ritu. You are a beautiful soul with a heart  of gold. Keep on teaching us with plenty more of your informative & insightful astrology lessons...*Smile*SHELLEY (US) Fri Jul 27, 2007
   I am highly impressed by your predictions. All have gone true and have helped me in solving my problems. Hope to receive the same from you in future. You are a wonderful person and astrologer.-Neha (India)-Fri Jul 20, 2007.
   Your Blogs of vastu & astrology are awesome like you are ! What ever prediction you have done till date about me become true in my life. I am proud of you. Rajeev, Karnataka (India)
   I'm getting ready to have all of the old wallpaper torn down from the bathrooms that must have been here for a good 20 years. I'm trying to pick colors that represent ME and this helps as suggested by you.Thanks for your postings & advice. I love you and your all blog post. Kathleen(US)Tuesday October 9, 2007 - 01:23pm
               Madam Ritu Bala ji, Hope you remember  me that I had consulted you in the year 2006. You had predicted me that  I will get name, fame & money by 2008, if  I do something related to public relations. You had also told me that, my name will sell. At that time I  was not ready to believe you, as that time I was a simple housewife. But I respect your predictions now as since then I made efforts as per your guidance & today I have got name, fame & money being in PR Business. My identity and status is well known to all in the Industry I am. If you remember, the name of my company was also selected by you as per  Numerology i.e., Nijjaa Executive Search India  (www.nijjaaexecutivesearch.com) and it is very successful now as per your predictions. Now I know why people believe in Astrology and consult even an Online Astrologer.~Nilima Kamdar, Chief Executive, NIJJAA EXECUTIVE SEARCH INDIA,  Mumbai
                Ritu Bala has helped me look at issues in my life by looking at all angles of my astrological sign, planets, and placements. Ritu has helped me to gain perspective especially when I am learning tough life lessons. I am grateful to have Ritu's services, as I now feel more confident and safe in living my life, and seeing the blessings in each day's events. She is a true spirit of light. Thank you so much for your divine guidance.~~~Lisa Norris, USA            
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