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Testimonial 1

"Hope you remember me that I had consulted you in the year 2006. You had predicted me that I will get name, fame & money by 2008, if I do something related to public relations. You had also told me that, my name will sell. At that time I was not ready to believe you, as that time I was a simple housewife. But I respect your predictions now as since then I made efforts as per your guidance & today I have got name, fame & money being in PR Business. My identity and status is well known to all in the Industry I am. If you remember, the name of my company was also selected by you as per Numerology i.e., Nijjaa Executive Search India ( and it is very successful now as per your predictions. Now I know why people believe in Astrology and consult an Astrologer.~Nilima Kamdar,


Testimonial 2

Ritu Bala is an embodiment of wisdom, happiness, peace, love and spiritual as well as astrological insights.

~ Clement Aigbogun, Fire Safety & Technical Officer, Nigeria-Mon Jul 16, 2007.

Testimonial 3

I see by your blogs that I have some things to change within/outside of my house. Thank you for sharing your knowledge....I am enjoying learning your practice. ~LISA (US) Saturday April 28, 2007 - 07:55pm (EDT)