"Ritu Bala Mam, she is like my elder sister, I have great faith in her predictions. I was going through major up & downs in my life, when her predictions restored my faith back in myself. She is very good, and has a kind heart. She always has helped me out in all circumstances and has given me the positive hope. I feel my life changed after her predictions and the solutions she had suggested me. She is overall a blessing in my life by grace of god. Whenever I am in any hard situation where I lose hope, and get disappointed, she is the one always who comes a light in darkness and makes me feel lightened and full of optimism again. If one needs positive insight they should surely contact her with full faith. LOL Ritu di, Ina." March 2, 2010 (Delhi-India)
                I never believed when you predicted Madam that I will be moving  with my battalion to a peaceful place soon from Laddakh during kargil war as I came wilfully on posting during the war time. But I was really surprised when I was ordered to move with my battalion to safeguard srinagar airport from Leh and within 2 days whole battlion landed Jammu instead of Kashmir by plane as the plane could not land there due to bad weather & then finally got orders to stay back at Jammu. It was really surprising for me when war was in full swing and all Bns were moving towards Laddakh & my Bn moved to Jammu as u said. Since then I believe in your predictions & always consult you on all matters. Col.Prakash, India  June, 1999
               I feel truly honoured to be a part of your circle of friends. You are a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. Keep on teaching us with plenty more of your informative & insightful astrology lessons...*Smile* Sassy, US Fri Jul 27, 2007
                I am surprised that how accurate your predictions are madam. When I lost my Laptop with my passport, money & other important papers I consulted you even though I never believe in Astrology or any occult science. But as my friend suggested me to consult you to know that I will get my things back or not. You told me that I will get it but after 3 days and I was surprised that a man came to me at my residence and gave my lost bag with all the things in it. Now I have developed faith in Astrology due to you madam. Dr. Rishi, Ohio, Canada 12th July,2007
   Ritu, You are just like my elder sister as I can't forget your help you have extended to me in my life. Your predictions about me have gone true and I appriciate your predictions about me which has all gone true in my life. Neet- Baroda (India)-Mon Jul 16, 2007
   Ritu Bala is an embodiment of wisdom, happiness, peace, love and spiritual as well as astrological insights. Clement Aigbogun, Fire Safety & Technical Officer, Nigeria-Mon Jul 16, 2007.
   I am glad to have Ritu as a good friend, hope we can get to know each other more. Thank! For adding me to your friend list there, you are a good friend, VERMA B (USA) Mon- Jul 16, 2007.
   We followed this lady's posts when redecorating our TV room and it is now both enjoyable and restful a difficult combination considering we watch the news there. Thanks Ritu! Buccaneer Bill (University Of Florida) Sun Aug 26, 2007
   I see by your blogs that I have some things to change within/outside of my house. Thank you for sharing your knowledge....I am enjoying learning your practice. LISA (US) Saturday April 28, 2007 - 07:55pm (EDT)
    I feel truly honoured to be apart of your circle of friends Ritu. You are a beautiful soul with a heart  of gold. Keep on teaching us with plenty more of your informative & insightful astrology lessons...*Smile*SHELLEY (US) Fri Jul 27, 2007
   I am highly impressed by your predictions. All have gone true and have helped me in solving my problems. Hope to receive the same from you in future. You are a wonderful person and astrologer.-Neha (India)-Fri Jul 20, 2007.
   Your Blogs of vastu & astrology are awesome like you are ! What ever prediction you have done till date about me become true in my life. I am proud of you. Rajeev, Karnataka (India)
   I'm getting ready to have all of the old wallpaper torn down from the bathrooms that must have been here for a good 20 years. I'm trying to pick colors that represent ME and this helps as suggested by you.Thanks for your postings & advice. I love you and your all blog post. Kathleen(US)Tuesday October 9, 2007 - 01:23pm
               Madam Ritu Bala ji, Hope you remember  me that I had consulted you in the year 2006. You had predicted me that  I will get name, fame & money by 2008, if  I do something related to public relations. You had also told me that, my name will sell. At that time I  was not ready to believe you, as that time I was a simple housewife. But I respect your predictions now as since then I made efforts as per your guidance & today I have got name, fame & money being in PR Business. My identity and status is well known to all in the Industry I am. If you remember, the name of my company was also selected by you as per  Numerology i.e., Nijjaa Executive Search India  (www.nijjaaexecutivesearch.com) and it is very successful now as per your predictions. Now I know why people believe in Astrology and consult even an Online Astrologer.~Nilima Kamdar, Chief Executive, NIJJAA EXECUTIVE SEARCH INDIA,  Mumbai
                Ritu Bala has helped me look at issues in my life by looking at all angles of my astrological sign, planets, and placements. Ritu has helped me to gain perspective especially when I am learning tough life lessons. I am grateful to have Ritu's services, as I now feel more confident and safe in living my life, and seeing the blessings in each day's events. She is a true spirit of light. Thank you so much for your divine guidance.~~~Lisa Norris, USA            
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*Accuracy in ASTROLOGICAL predictions is the key of Astrology. Astrologer can specify by reading  & analyzing of individual's horoscope that What & When things will happen in individual's life like their Job, Business, Marriage, Compatibility with Life / Business Partner & Health etc. If your planets are not favorable & you will face problems in business, family, career, marriage, relationship & health etc. Then you must  Consult Us immediately, to know why it is happening with you & get Astrological Vedic remedies like wearing  of your lucky Gem Stone, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra etc., for various problems. Now you can get accurate predictions from RITU BALA -  Online Astrologer & get analysis of  your horoscope for Astrology Solutions.
*VASTU is an ancient science based on principals of maintaining balance of five elements of nature viz. air, water, fire, earth & space in the proper directions to bring peace, harmony, health & wealth in your house & business. If things are not placed properly on 8 directions then it may cause ill-effect on the business & family that may lead to problems in business, health, wealth, prosperity, name & fame etc. Therefore every one should consult a Vastu Consultant, before buying any Flat, making House or Commercial Property viz, industry, hotel, hospitals, shops, showrooms, complexes etc. But in case you are already residing in a constructed house & facing problems, it may be due to Vastu Defects, which can be rectified without demolition  by  following SEVERAL VASTU & FENGSHUI REMEDIES for balancing positive & negative energies.
Importance of Astrology/Vastu
By Ritu Bala, Online Astrologer
        Ritu Bala, renowned Online Astrologer practising Indian Vedic Astrology comes from a long chain of proficient Astrologers. She has been consulted online by thousands of people looking for a horoscope reading and remedies for various problems. This has been facilitated through more than 40 portals including her websites, blogs, forums, groups etc. that deal with Indian Vedic Astrology (Jyotish - a hindi term of Astrology),Vastu and Fengshui . She is connected to almost every renowned portal in order to stay in touch with the followers of Astrology & Vastu all over the world, besides her esteemed followers and clients. These include people from all walks of life such as businessmen, housewives, students, professional etc.
       Ritu Bala has been associated with this profession for more than 20 years, as she has inherited a family legacy of her father and grandfather, who were acclaimed for their accuracy in predicting events based on personal horoscopes. She has carried out extensive research, studying more than 50,000 horoscopes. She has also successfully provided Vastu consultancy to many clients in Indian and abroad. Her clients come from diverse regions in India such as Leh, Uttaranchal, UP, Karnataka, Manipur, Assam, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai. Globally, she has provided consultancy to clients from the UK, USA, Nigeria, Italy, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the testimonials of these satisfied clients can be viewed on her testimonial page.
        During the Kargil War of 1999 in India, Ritu Bala was residing at Leh (Ladakh) and was consulted time and again by army personnel, who were deeply concerned about their safety and general well being. Her accurate predictions ensured that they came back to her to consult with her before making any move.  In due course, many people developed faith in Atrology, driven by her goodwill and accuracy of predictions.
Home cureHome Medicine : Astro Future Insight believe that home made medicines are very effective & readily available at the of need. You can cure your self through your kitchen condiments without any side effects. These home medicines are based on ancient research which have been compiled in books written by our ancestors. Read more>>>>>
        Astrology is a study of movement of stars and Planets that have their influence on human lives. If your planets are not favorable & you are facing problems then we tell you the best possible Vedic remedies by wearing Gems, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Vastu & Fengshui. If you are facing problems in business, family, career, marriage, relationship, health and spirituality, Online Astrologer - Ritu Bala is here from Astro-Future-Insight to provide you an insight and guide on matters that may have troubled you for years. <Read More >
        Vaastu is a well known ancient science, which may bring on one hand prosperity/ and progress in life and on other hand if it is not followed properly in home/office may give destructive results to the individual/family. The benefits of Vastu are bestowed by nature, its elements and its energy fields for bringing prosperity, health, happiness & good luck in life. Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the Five Elements of Nature and balances them with the man and the material. We also provide Free Vastu Tips that will help one to minimize the negative energies. <Read More >
        Fengshui is also popularly known as Chinese astrology, is about 5000 years old or so. Fengshui is the mystic Chinese art based on Tao principles. Feng shui is the Chinese wisdom to understand universal energy and its effects. Its use enrich us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Feng shui creates a balance between wind and water. Wind when flows in a moderate manner, it is peaceful and beneficial. Water, which is clean and pure satisfies our needs and it is beneficial. The water is regarded as wealth in Feng shui. There are twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac. Each corresponds a direction in the compass. <Read More >
Gemology:- The Gems are classified as precious and semi-precious stones based on their cost. Gemstones are minerals with definite crystalline structures and chemical compositions. Gems are classified into two categories, cold and hot. Pearl, blue sapphire and topaz are referred to as cold gems, while ruby, diamond, cat's eye and red coral are known as Hot Gems. <Read More>
Numerology is a metaphysical science of numbers asserting that every object and living being within the universe can be explained, revealed and reflected through numbers. Numerology assign a single digit numerical value to every letter, month, day, year etc. and then uses these number to predict & analyze the individual's characteristics. <Read More >
    Color Therapy:- Effect of colors can be seen on  our moods, way of thinking and health. Scientists have done lot of research in this regard. All this is related to the effect that colors leave on a human being. Colors we see are visible light energy of a certain wave lengths. This energy of colors when it enters our body, it stimulates our glands, like pituitary and pineal glands. So this makes it clear why colors affect our moods, behavior, thoughts etc. You must select colors of your every room differently as per direction/ users/ horoscope suitability/ vastu etc <Read More >
Moles- Every person has moles on one or the other part of their body, but have you ever thought that these moles also have their own significance. <Read more>
"Future belongs to those who believe in their Dreams" -Dreams Prediction We often see dreams & wakeup thinking that what do these dreams signify. To know about your dreams. <Read more>
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Prashnottari  An Art of Reading Planetary Positions & its Effects
This is one of the most ancient and authentic method called Prashnottari's, which is based on study of Planetary position at the time of question asked. In this method only one question should be asked at one time. While asking question you should have a clear question in your mind.  This should be used only, when there is a natural anxiety to know about happenings around you and you want its answer in Yes or No. It does not require the birth details as in astrology. You may not receive a positive or clear answer to an ambiguous question, therefore you should ask only one question at a time that too clear cut. You may know answer about any event, happenings around you through Prashnottari -(eg.- If you have lost something & you want to know that you will get it or not ? You may ask through prashnottari)
AstroFutureInsight taken an initiative for the humanity to compile all the home medicines to cure your self by home medicines/ remedies. If you are having any health problem and do not find any solution elsewhere, then find out here the GRAND MOTHER'S Home Remedies for your illness. Hope it will help you to get rid off from your ailment without wasting your money in medicines. We are trying to compile all the Home Medicines for the benefit of Humanity. If you also have any home remedies, which you want to share with  the needy sick persons, you are welcome to write us, so that we can put across on this site for the benefit of sick people. <Read More>